About Our Company

We are an internet publishing company on a mission to transform the way that enthusiasts keep up to date with their hobbies.

O ur CTO Richard Chantry founded the company to develop web based aggregation technology that would let enthusiasts in a number of different areas such as hifi, astronomy and bridge find out about the latest products and news in their hobby without ever having to pay for an exhorbitant subscription to a glossy magazine.
O ur aggregation software brings together the freely available images and news scattered across the manufacturers' websites into one enthusiasts' web portal. This technology scans 1000s of sources to summarize the news for a hobbyist with greater brand depth than can be gained from reading a conventional magazine.

We continue to evolve and expand our market share both by developing new brands such as chess and by increasing the range of services on offer to our many readers. The company is headquartered in Haslemere, Surrey, deep in the heart of the Surrey Hills, with technical development being led from our R&D centre in Bristol. We are a private company.